Feel Great and Look Fan-TAN-Tastic
Our SUNDAZZLER Stand Up Booth will get you a warm and healthy glow even in the winter months.

Ten Sessions for $40.00
Tan at Michiana Workout Comapny
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Featuring SunDazzler Tanning Booths
Your time is valuable and Michiana Workout Company's Tanning Booth saves you time. In just 10-minutes a couple of times a week you can be ready for the vacation or look as if  you just came back from southern beaches.

Drench yourself in vertical bliss in this incredible bronzing system that delivers immediate color, dazzling results and health benefits. 

Did you know, tanning indoors can actually be good for your health when indoor tanning guidelines are followed. UVB rays emitted by the sun and indoor tanning booths and beds are the best way to acquire Vitamin D which is required by the body.

People who are exposed to UVB rays do not need to take Vitamin D supplements.

Vitamin D is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous and is important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin D is also helpful in keeping the human heart healthy, strengthening the immune system, taking an active role in the prevention of cancer, enhancing brain function in the elderly, helping to promote the proper function of the nervous system, and is effective in the prevention of multiple sclerosis.

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